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Announcement of Resuming Work

04 March 2020

The holiday of Chinese New Year was over. Oppein has resumed work officially on 24th, Feb.

Winter will eventually pass, and spring is sure to come. We are back with the best anti-virus prevention measures! All the four manufacturing centers, plus Guangzhou headquarters, have been running smoothly since last week.

So far, the production capacity is back to track and incoming orders will not be influenced any more. All of the ongoing orders are being producing in a well-organized way. The sales person who takes care of your order will keep you posted of your order production status.

Goods are not virus carrier, which has been confirmed by scientists from China and many other authoritative bodies, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Under the uniform leadership of OPPEIN Epidemic Control and Prevention Team (OECPT), we have conducted sanitation and disinfection work in advance before the resumption. Every day, we conduct comprehensive sterilization regularly to all workshops, office areas, living areas and company vehicles, etc.

The OECPT prepared adequate protective materials in the holidays, such as disinfectants, thermometer, protection suits and masks. A systematic prevention procedure is formulated and implemented in every tiny detail. For example, employee must receive two temperature checks a day; when lining up for elevators, we keep at least one meter away from each other.

As Asia’s largest cabinetry manufacturer, and one of the top three custom home furniture brands in the world, OPPEIN has the most powerful resources and strengths to win the anti-virus battle. Please rest assured that goods will not carry virus; and we are prepared to offer you the best products and service, without any compromise. 

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