A Round Table Discussion

Mr. Wang, General Manager of Oppein Overseas Department organized a round table meeting before the Spring Festival holiday.


The meeting emphasized our advantages again:

1.Advantages of whole house customization with the categories of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom, interior doors, metal doors & windows, and other home furniture.
2.Software and design advantages, and not easy to be copied.
3.The domestic market has accumulated a wealth of marketing methods, which can be used for reference by overseas markets.
4.Manufacturing advantages, the establishment of a manufacturing development center, optimization of equipment, applications, and materials.


In order to make each business mode operate more professionally, we regroup the organization into Franchise channel, Retail channel, and Project channel.

It is necessary to improve the franchise channel management system, to thoroughly implement the win-win theory. Improve the retail channel by changing the marketing method& selling process. Optimize the project process and management system to increase the performance of the project channel.


For personal development, be more open-minded and think deeply to get the best solution, continuously improve judgment ability and decision-making ability.

We can't only stick to the existing solution ideas, but break the existing model and rebuild one, find and modify the least efficient part and then achieve lean improvements.


Even if the current world economic situation is unstable, be full of confidence, same as the theme of our annual meeting: Work hard, live a happy life, and make Oppein a world-leading home furnishing brand.

We can spend the Spring Festival holiday to keep learning and retraining our minds. Tim, manager of the Franchise channel recommended the book "An Innovator's Solution‘’
Finally, wish all of you a very happy Chinese new year!


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