Wine Cabinets

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Wine Cabinets for Sale in OPPEIN 

OPPEIN manufactures customized wine storage cabinets. We believe that your wine bottles should be stored under best storage conditions of temperature, light, humidity, and vibration to mature well and enhance their qualities – and we crafted a piece of furniture that serves as a long-term wine storage solution.

OPPEIN’s wine rack cabinets are made of different types of wood that are either coated with wood grain or lacquer. Whether you are looking for a classical or modern style of wine cabinets, we have them all. We also include additional storage space for glass holders, stemware, and other wine accessories –depending on your preference.

We have been in the business for almost three decades. By still staying at the top of the housing solutions industry, we only give you the best products. This is how we value our customers. For your furniture needs, come to OPPEIN, and we will be more than happy to serve you.

How to Choose Wine Cabinets

When selecting a wine cabinet, the following factor must be considered:

1. First, think about the size of your wine collection. Most wine cabinets have a capacity of 25-30 bottles.

2. Next, identify which cabinet shelving layout you prefer. Shelving can be structured as sliding, serving, display, and fixed storage.

3. Also, know which materials you want for your wine cabinets. Wine cabinets can be made from wood, metal, or glass.

4. Then, you must consider appropriate wine lighting. You cannot let the wines get a direct light exposure, so the safest option is to get automatic LED lighting for your wines.

5. The style of the wine cabinet should also be regarded to match the room’s interior.

6. Finally, know where to place your wine cabinet. Are you planning to set it to the living room, kitchen, or pantry? Whichever location you choose, just make sure that the wines are away from vibration and UV light sources.