Modern Matte Lacquer Interior Flat Door YDG016D

Modern Matte Lacquer Interior Flat Door YDG016D
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Provide your home with style while protecting your privacy with this durable paint door. With a modern look that is at home or in any contemporary office building, this door will stand up to the test of time. Part of the glass area is good for collecting sunlight. OPPEIN products are matching with necessary hardware and other accessories. All the colors, styles, shapes, size, materials can be customized among your budget.




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  • Interior Doors in OPPEIN
  • Founded in 1994 in China, OPPEIN has become an experienced kitchen cabinet manufacturer and it is now the largest cabinetry company in Asia. Our company has grown through the years and improved so much when it comes to the interior door types, styles, color, and configuration.

    • Interior Door Types

    OPPEIN has two types of custom doors to offer  hinge interior door and sliding interior door.   A hinged interior door can open all the way, letting a more manageable flow, in and out. However, the door takes a lot of space to open as it swings. On the contrary, a sliding door is great for saving space. Still, the opening is minimal since only one panel can be slid to open, as the other is fixed to the frame. Whichever you prefer, we are here to assist you with the custom design of your interior door.

    • Interior Doors by Color

    Our customized interior doors come in different color selections. OPPEIN presents them in plenty of colors, including black, white, beige, gray, wood tone, and more! Generally, homeowners prefer door customization in colors black, grey, and other colors – as long as it is not white.

    Technically, there is nothing wrong with white since it has been the standard color for interior doors for sale. But there is something cool and fun about using different lively colors. Still, it is up to you which color you prefer. Just tell us what pleases you, and we will deliver.

    • Interior Doors by Configuration

    OPPEIN wooden doors are offered in single or double door configuration. Also, our doors are manufactured from different materials, such as melamine, wood, lacquer, veneer, PVC, and more. Check out our custom doors for sale at the selections above.

    • Interior Door Styles

    OPPEIN interior doors are divided into two sets of styles – the flat and the raised. The flat interior doors are those with no frames, grooves, or other 3-dimension details. This sends out a minimalistic, contemporary style. So if you want a very modern custom door, pick the flat style.

    On the other hand,  raised interior doors are known to bring out a traditional style. This is because the middle part of the door is raised, which creates a groove between the door's frame and central panel. Therefore, if you wish to have a traditional American-style door, go for this style.

    • Customize Your Interior Door in OPPEIN

    If you are in search of cusom interior doors for sale, then OPPEIN is here for you! You can provide input to your interior door with the help of our skilled design team. Also, we offer extended services for interior door customization,  like measurement, shipment, installation, and product warranty. So if you are planning to get a new interior door and still looking for a door supplier, OPPEIN is your best option. Our company is known to be the best customized interior doors manufacturer in China. Check out the various products and contact us now!