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Bathtubs for Sale in OPPEIN 

Are you planning to add a bathtub in your bathroom space? Well, OPPEIN is here to give you different selections that will definitely meet your standards. We have two types for you, the conventional and conventional bathtub. Nowadays, our modern new style whirlpool bathtub and round embedded massage bathtub are becoming the top sellers. This is due to the aesthetic appeal (unique shape) to customers.

OPPEIN has been in the industry since 1994. Serving many homeowners this long is due to our dedication and belief that you deserve only the best home solutions. Partner with us, and we guarantee you will not regret it.

How to Choose Bathtubs

Want to add more color and depth to your bathroom? Well, one way to spruce up your bathroom is to replace the old bathtub. Here are the things you need to consider when shopping for your new bathtub: 

  1. Bathtub structure you want. Do you want something that screams sophistication or an edgy vibe?

  2. The material you prefer. Does your heart go with an acrylic bathtub or a porcelain bathtub?

  3. The size, like do you need a custom bathtub for individual usage or suitable for two people?

  4. Then, there’s the type of installation you need to decide on, aside from the total budget you are willing to splurge on. 

  5. Last but not least, you need to consider the accessibility and safety of the user - especially if the user is a kid that is not under supervision or someone who is physically challenged. Keep in mind that your bathroom will require steps, handrails, and wheelchair accessibility is always a plus.