7 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Better

OPPEIN offers 7 tips to help you improve the kitchen. Check out these brilliant advice before designing or remodeling your kitchen!

When it comes to kitchen decorating, there will be countless design ideas for you to select. The design style is the matter of preference, but here are some essentials you must know to improve your kitchen from layout to material. By reading this article, you may get some inspirations to remodel or design your practical and beautiful kitchen.

1. Choose Your Kitchen Layout by Work Triangle
Generally, kitchen has 3 main functions that is cooking, storage and washing. The imaginary lines between stove, sink and fridge form the kitchen work triangle. It determines the efficiency of kitchen. The idea is when 3 spots are properly close to each other, the kitchen will be easy to use, as no steps wasted. Therefore, choosing a suitable layout by analyzing the kitchen work triangle can greatly improve the using experience in the future. Followings pictures are 5 typical layouts for your reference.
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2. Pick the Right Countertop Material
Countertop (also called Benchtop or Worktop) must be the most important element in a kitchen, because most of the kitchen works need to be done on it. To make a sturdy and durable countertop, Quartz stone is the most recommended material. Combining all different kinds of advantages, quartz countertop is insusceptible to scratch and cut, stain-proof, corrosion & heat resistance and also easy to maintain.

For example, OPPEIN countertop is made of quartz stone with over 92% of quartz crystal, ensuring the sturdiness up to Mohs hardness level 6. NSF certificated food grade countertop guarantees the safety for daily use.

3. Proper Height for Effortless Use

To avoid bending over for cooking and washing, the height of kitchen counter should be measured and decided according to the user's height. Here we offer you a formula to figure out the rough measurement: Counter Height = Height of User / 2 +5 cm.


Moreover, it is a better option to make a height difference between sink and stove countertop. When the sink area gets approx. 10cm taller than the stove countertop, you will not need to bend down for exhausting dish washing, and you do not have to lift your arms while cooking.


4. Choose Undermounted Sink
Compared to above counter sink, using undermount sink is more recommended. It is entirely embedded in the countertop, which is nearly seamless for easy maintaining. Also, undermount sink makes the kitchen counter all-in-one to beautify the overall appearance.

However, you need to focus on the load capacity while selecting undermount sink, otherwise it might cause serious safety problem. With 14 strict processes, OPPEIN sink is equipped with fully-metal reinforcement kit to enhance the loading capacity up to 200KG, perfectly satisfying daily use.


5. Install Adjustable Legs Under Cabinets
Some may ignore adjustable leg while remodeling or designing, but this small accessory is actually extremely practical for kitchen. It supports the entire cabinet to avoid the carcase directly contacting the kitchen floor, or the moisture from wet floor may gradually damage the cabinet. Furthermore, you may adjust the height of leg to keep cabinet even, preventing crack caused by uneven stress.

OPPEIN patented adjustable leg is able to hold up to 100kg for each. By using it, your kitchen will be greatly improved.


6. Add Door Bumper to Cabinet
Have you ever been annoyed by the banging of cabinet door? With door bumper added, there will not be a noisy sound when you close the door. Little change makes big difference. Besides, door bumper also reduces the vibration while closing to keep the inner storage from shaking.


Guarantee Efficient Lighting

Installing lighting inside and under the cabinet is pretty important to ensure safe use. Kitchen is full of knives and tableware with sharp tips. You may easily get hurt if there is dim and dark. Built-in light strip is a perfect choice to make a clear view under and inside the cabinet. Also, sensor light can be energy-saving and eco-friendly solution for dim spot illumination.


Making a perfect kitchen is never an easy task, the easiest way is to find an expert to deal with it. With 27 years of custom cabinetry manufacture, OPPEIN is a trustworthy company to build your dream kitchen. Feel free to contact us if you need help from professionals.


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!