7 Small Bathroom Design – Comprehensive Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathroom is an important part of our daily life space. Many small sizes bathroom are squeezed out of living room or bedroom.

Bathroom is an important part of our daily life space. Many small sizes bathroom are squeezed out of living room or bedroom. it is usually unable to ask for high requirement for small custom bathroom renovation design. Practicability is the first priority. Based on that, we can slowly add some attractive accessories to refresh the bathroom. Here, we bring you 7 small Bathroom Design. Wish it can help you.


Although it is so narrow, it is satisfying out of expect. This kind of bathroom is rectangle shape. Both function and day lighting performance are wonderful. Light gray is the main tone. Bathroom cabinet adopts subdued pure color to ensure a clean visual the small bathroom. Rounded basin forms strong visual effects against the square-shaped.



It is about 3 sq meter. We should start from style to create beauty. Oppein designer Tommy chooses natural style, which is most popular. Wooden floor keeps extending to the side wall of the bathtub. Mottled appearance creates spacious visual effect.



How to make the narrow space visually larger? Smartly combining grey and white mosaic will make the wall decoration beautiful and bright, which will seem larger. And then tidily arrange all the bathroom articles, it will satisfy all your basic demands.



Seemingly, the whole area is not large. but all white wall ceramic tiles broaden the interior light well. Matching with natural lighting out of the wide window, even this small space will seem bright and beautiful. The bathroom cabinet style is simple yet stylish, which makes the whole space more comfortable.


What a cute bathroom space it is! White matching with light green, the atmosphere is living up right now. It produces a strong visual impact and affinity. The whole space is square, so most the basin is lightly curve to neutralize the square visual. Open shelves under the vanity are the good places for storage.bathroom-renovation-tips-5.jpg


For most ordinary person, 6 square meter bathroom is enough! It can be fully arranged all kinds of sanitary wares. In order to make maximum use of the space, all kinds of wall type sanitary wares are popular. Shelves and hooks inserted wall ensure basic bathroom storages place.



Non-square space is a bit difficult for a designer. But it is easy to create brilliant work at the same time. Glass shower room’s transplant material lights up the space and ensures to divide dry and wet area.


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