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6 Whimsical Ways We Add Color to a Kids Room

28 February 2019
When decorating a kids room, obnoxiously colored walls don’t have to be your first step. In fact, we believe that keeping walls white or gray and adding in smaller bits of color gives you even more possibilities to make a kids room creative and playful. T

When it comes to finding colorful accents, first consider what your child already has. Children's books and stuffed animals are often fun colors, so put them in a place that doubles as decor. Wall decals, bedding, and rugs all can add color and pattern to a kids room, but can be easily changed with age. Here are 6 ideas for a neutral-based kids room:

Bright Books.

This kids room comes to life with shelving that showcases a children's book collection. This makes the books easier to access, looks organized, and the covers add bright colors to an otherwise neutral room. Once the kids are grown, swapping out the toys and books for other accent pieces is simple.

Simply Beachy.

If there's one example of the power of accent pieces, this is it. Throw blankets and pillows bring out the colors of a tropical print, and the result is a kids room as tranquil as the beach itself.

Space to dream.

Even without the diamond wallpaper, the sweet collection of pillows and stuffed animals under this dreamy canopy would make almost any kid love naptime.

Patterned Pink.

Though the walls are neutral, this room is packed with colors and patterns that pop. Even teenage girls wouldn't mind sharing this room.

Cottage-Styled Bedroom.

So many sweet accent pieces in this room, but we love the ombre dresser, bed pillows, and pompom rug.

Stuffed Shelves.

Stuffed animals and brightly colored book spines add youthfulness to a contemporary bedroom.

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