5 Kitchen Layouts Pros & Cons

Check out the 5 kitchen cabinet layouts and their pros and cons. 

Choose the right one for your kitche design!

Choosing a proper layout is the most crucial thing to ensure the functionality and convenience of you kitchen. In this article, we will share the pros and cons of 5 kitchen layout design, and after reading it, you may understand the kitchen design better and get the idea to choose the kitchen cabinet suitable for your home.

Kitchen Work Triangle


Before we start, the work triangle is an important concept you need to know, which determines the efficiency of kitchen layout. This imaginary triangle is formed by 3 points which are the major functions of kitchen: storage, washing and cooking. Kitchen will be more efficient if 3 points are properly close to each other and there is no blockage on each imaginary line. Therefore, you should combine this concept with the actual space of your home to find out the ideal kitchen layout.

1. I-shaped Kitchen


I-shaped layout (also called single-wall) is a type of kitchen that fixed along the wall, compact and simple. It has no triangle shape traffic flow, a straight working line instead.


Clearly, this kitchen is extremely space-saving and that makes it an excellent choice for small apartment. Owing to the compact design, this kitchen features its great practicality for daily use with the straight working line.


Saving space is a double-edged sword. This layout has poor capability to store all those food or kitchen items. To increase storage space, you need more tall cabinets or hanging cabinets, holding storage vertically. However, this solution make the storage hard to reach and you may need to install more accessories to deal with this problem.

2. L-shaped Kitchen


L shape is the most popular kitchen layout which is based on 2 adjoining walls that are perpendicular to each other. It is a great choice for kitchens in any size and features an efficient work triangle.


This kitchen design makes good use of the corner to extend the countertop
and storage. L-shaped kitchen is an open-plan design that offers great flexible cooking area, especially when you need someone to assist your work.


Corner area always hides dirt after daily using, moreover, this spot is hard to clean up because of its shape.

3. U-shaped Kitchen


U-shaped layout will be a perfect solution for large or medium kitchen space. Surrounding the cook, this kitchen offers an ideal work triangle to make your cooking much more convenient.


U-shaped layout features a wide space for countertop, a sufficient area to finish cooking. This shape also extends the storage space, as much more cabinets can be installed, and you can even add a simple dining table on this kitchen.


This design is definitely not suitable for narrow space, because it will make the kitchen more cramped and restrict the cook from moving. Also, U shape may cause "traffic jam" if there are more than 1 cook in the kitchen.

4. Island Kitchen


Island kitchen layout (also known as peninsula kitchen) is more like an improvement of the L, I or U shape kitchens by adding a kitchen island to the original layout. It is more and more popular for its outstanding functionality.


As an extension of the kitchen, the island can be creative. You can custom the island to expand storage area, extend countertop or use it as a dining area according to your need.


An extra island would narrow the space in the kitchen, what's worse, it may ruin the work triangle and cause inconvenience if the island is placed at an inappropriate spot.

5. F-shaped Kitchen


F shape is an unusual kitchen layout compared to other common layouts above. It always connect the cooking area to the dining area, so a bigger room is required for this layout.


F shape is like a complement of U-shaped kitchen, which combines the kitchen with dining room to make the routine of cooking and dining in a row. Also, it provides much space for storage as more cabinets installed.


It needs a lot of space to set up and it is hard to remodel. Moreover, the grease and smoke from cooking could make the dining area dirtier and dirtier day by day, which leads to a big trouble for cleaning.

Obviously, there is no perfect layout solution for kitchen design. So, what you should focus are the actual applicable space and your cooking habit. Want an entertaining kitchen? Try island kitchen or F-shaped kitchen design. Only have limited space for kitchen area? Give I-shaped or L-shaped kitchen a shot.
Still confuse about the layout choosing? Feel free to ask professionals for help if you need. OPPEIN can always offer you the plan that best for you.


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