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5 Kitchen Design Tips to Make the Best Kitchen

22 October 2021
Kitchen is often called the heart of the home as it is where delicious meals are made and joyful memories are created. Therefore, personalizing a kitchen is not an easy task but it is a must-do thing. First things first, choosing a trustworthy company lik
1. What Kind of Kitchen Styles Do You Prefer?
Nowadays, there are countless beautiful kitchen designs, such as minimalist style, modern style, industrial style, classic style, etc. But remember, do not let style limit your choice, which means you do not have to choose your kitchen based on a specific style. Every style consists of different elements. When you select those elements you like and the kitchen style fits you will just come up. Moreover, the kitchen shall never be isolated that it needs to be compatible with your interior design. If you are confused about the style, besides asking for the designer’s help, you can look around your house and may get inspired.

2. Who Use the Kitchen More Often?
This question is a very important one for kitchen design. It decides how high the countertop and the wall cabinets shall be, which can make cooking or cleaning easy for the most-often user. Also, his/her opinion of the kitchen layout is crucial. Normally, the layout is planned by the actual kitchen area of your home and the rule of the work triangle. The kitchen work triangle (triangle formed by stove, sink, and fridge) is the fundamental rule to make cooking convenient and efficient. To improve the design, the layout can also be subtly changed based on the cooking habit of the cook, like where to keep the dishes and where to set the cookers.

3. What is the Food Choice of Your Family?
Food choice or taste preference means what kind of food your families prefer. By answering this question, you can figure out which kitchen appliances you need. For instance, if your family do not have baked food very often, the oven can be excluded. Custom kitchen shall be designed as you need, so the family living habits are essential references. Be more specific to your demand, the kitchen customization or personalization can be better.

4. How Many Items Need to be Stored?
Kitchen storage is always a problem. Categorize your kitchen storage before the kitchen plan is made. Then, you can get a rough idea that how much space the kitchen must-have. Therefore, the number of cabinets and drawers can be determined. What’s more, functional accessories like drawer dividers, pull-out trays & corner baskets are excellent choices to store as many items as possible and keep them organized. Kitchen design and manufacture company like OPPEIN always has a complete product range for kitchen. Asking them for help, choose some compatible accessories at the very beginning to save your time and money.

5. Which Material is the Best for You?
A kitchen is formed by cabinets, countertops, and appliances. For cabinetry and countertop, there are plenty of material choices in the market. Thus, we made a list of the commonly-used materials. By reading it, you may get the idea to find out the best material with your budget. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of several basic materials for kitchen cabinets.

Solid Wood
Pros: Natural and stylish
Cons: Costly and easy to influence by humidity
Pros: Sturdy and customizable
Cons: Cannot be sanded and not heat-resistant
Particle Board
Pros: Low-cost and lightweight
Cons: Not solid as other materials
Pros: Scratch and bump resistant
Cons: Hard to cut or mold

And following part is about the pros and cons of 3 countertop materials for your reference:
Quartz Stone Countertop
Pros: Scratch and cut-resistant, easy to maintain
Cons: Not heat-resistant
Engineered Stone Countertop
Pros: Customizable color
Cons: Visible seams and easy to get the stain
Granite Countertop
Pros: looks high-end and needs little maintenance
Cons: Expensive and may easily get cracked

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