5 Best Rental Apartment Designing Ideas

Apartment has been becoming increasingly popular these days. It is a common choice for the young who live in the metropolis. 
Apartment has been becoming increasingly popular these days. It is a common choice for the young who live in the metropolis. But apartment decorating is never an easy task whether for the resident or the landlord. Thus, here we listed some brilliant apartment designing plans from OPPEIN – one of the top brands of custom furnishings. By reading this article, you may get inspired about how to decorate an apartment. Read on!

1. Studio Apartment


More people choose to live in a small apartment while still enjoying a quality life, especially in the metropolis. Therefore, studio apartment has become a popular choice for rental apartment. It features incomparable efficiency by making full use of a single room (except bathroom), covering every essentials by limited space. And even though it looks small, the residence will never think it is too narrow to live because of various storage cabinets.

As for interior design style, this apartment presents a stylish modern style which is appraised by the young. Sleek and clean look is an option that never goes wrong that simple studio decor fits both male and female renter.

2. Loft Apartment

Loft style apartment is a trending apartment design as well. Making full use of the vertical space is the key of this apartment style. Normaly, the loft apartment layout is bedroom above and living room below, so it would not waste any space of the downstair for storage to maximize the space utilization.

For loft decorating idea, the point is make it cozy but never messy. 2-layer apartment like this could easily be messed up by running out of storage space. But in this lofe décor, OPPEIN made storage everywhere, like TV wall cabinet, built-in closet and floor-to-ceiling storage shelf. In order to make it homey, light and warm color scheme was choosen. Beige and cream white turn it into a sweet home welcoming people to live in.

3. Apartment Hotel / Aparthotel


Decorating your apartment like hotel? Some may think it is ridiculous. Actually, apart hotel or hotel apartment is an excellent choice for short-term rental. Apartment hotel becomes a holiday home for families, which remains the essential functions like cooking, resting and bathing. By designing like this, the versatility could really help your hotel stand out from the others.

This apart hotel décor mainly followed the trend of hotel design. But the warm palette makes it cozier than other hotels. Moreover, compact kitchen unit provides a perfect solution for daily cooking on vacation. Such a nice spot for families to enjoy a precious holiday.

4. Student Apartment


Some college students would like to rent an apartment near the campus rather than live in the dorm, so the off-campus student apartment comes up. Different from dorm, this apartment offers more private space and more functions. All the design details in this room is encouraging teenagers to live independently. For example, small kitchen provides a place for them to learn cooking. Besides, under-bed drawers and cabinets give plenty of space for storage.

5. Bachelor Apartment

Bachelor apartment design could be creative. Rented by the elite, bachelor apartement or bachelor flat could be luxurious and stylish. As you can see, This apartment deisgn is furnished by brown oak grain furniture for a classic appearance. All the room are decorated with exquisite details to attract someone of good taste.

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