5 Best Kitchen Storage Ideas You Must Know

Does the messy kitchen upset you? Such a disaster after cooking! To solve that, click on and check this article.

Making everything tidy will not be easy, especially in the kitchen. There are so many items that needs to be settled, such as cookware, kitchenware and groceries. Meal preparation is a battle and the field is right in the kitchen. If you found no space for storage, it is time to rethink your kitchen design and make renovation. Here we provide 5 tips for kitchen storage. To extend the space, scroll on to check out these brilliant ideas.

1. Make Full Use of Vertical Space:
Rather than saying saving space, it is more like exploring space. Think about it. Did you make full use of the vertical space in the kitchen? The answer is always no. “But it will be really hard to get what I need if I choose vertical storage.” Some might say. However, by adding some functional fittings, the hard-to-get problem can be solved.

Pull-down is the best match accessory for wall cabinets. With handle on the bottom, these baskets can be easily pulling down for daily use. Your wall cabinets will be maximally used by adding these fittings, just try it on!

2. Try Some Removable Storage
Kitchen shall be practical and beautiful. If there are cabinets all over the kitchen, the aesthetics will be ruined and storage will also be complicated as everything being hided inside. So, open-plan storage is an option for you to consider.

Removable Open-plan Storage Kit holds small items, like spatula, condiments, sauce, etc. It focuses on things that you may ignore. Mess was not built in a day, but day by day. The countertop will be occupied and untidy while you put all the seasoning on the table. By open-plan kit, there is a unique spot for spices, keeping them handy and neat.

3. Never Forget the Corner

For kitchen in L shape or U shape, corner storage is always a trouble. To maximize the corner space, there are 2 kinds of accessories you shall add on.

Corner Pull-out is a smart solution for fully using corner, which leaves no space wasted. It provides extra storage area for your tableware and kitchenware. What impress the customer the most is the perfect integrity of this design, making corner storage all-in-one.

Lazy Susan is a kind of corner basket. This design is flexible and functional for daily use. User can easily pull out the basket to store and take out things. Usually, this basket is big enough to hold pots and pans. Such an excellent fitting to keep large items by using the corner!

4. Build Everything In

Instead of keeping appliances out in plain sight, a smart way is to hide them inside the cabinet.
Built-in Appliances are more and more trending nowadays. They offer an exclusive way to make a room for other kitchen storage. For example, OPPEIN can make a kitchen design with built-in oven, stove and refrigerator. There is no extra space needed for these appliances. Isn’t it a better way to save kitchen space?

5. Sorting is the Key of Tidiness
Finally, reasonable sorting leads to tidy kitchen. Using functional dividers, the drawer could be a total different place to make tools or groceries neat. Clear division makes not only better look, also makes full use of space. It is the proper layout that matters. Want to make every single area in order? Try some dividers to enjoy the magic of sorting.

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