5 Amazing Reasons To Use White In Your Bathroom

White has plenty of benefits to recommend it. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should consider using white in your bathroom this year.

White has plenty of benefits to recommend it. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should consider using white in your bathroom this year.

Because it frames an beautiful outdoor view

White is a color that’s naturally minimal, and it doesn’t bring much attention to itself. Thus, it’s perfect to make your outside view the most interesting sight in the entire room–whether that sight is of an urban landscape or an arcadian countryside. If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom with a view, white is the best color to frame this view without getting in the way.

Because it makes a room look bigger

In home decor, this translates to light color palettes making rooms look bigger, and dark smaller. If you are cursed with a small bathroom, keeping it light–white is the best light color–will have a great effect and make you feel like the room is larger. You know the principle: white reflects light while black absorbs it. That’s why we tend to look thinner in dark colors, and fatter in light.

Because it contrasts with rustic details

If you have a beautiful natural brick wall, original wood beams or other rustic detail in your bathroom, you want to highlight it as much as possible. And white is the perfect color to do that.

As with framing your outside view, white doesn’t bring attention to itself. It’s thus perfect to bring the eye over to the details you want to show off, like a reclaimed wood wall or a stone siding.

The point is, you don’t want these beautiful features to fight with bold colors for attention, do you?

Because it shows off original plumbing fixtures

Brass, gold and other colored metals are popular for plumbing fixtures this year, but your beautiful choice of faucet or showerhead might get lost if it has to show against an overly colorful background.

Thankfully, white comes to the rescue of all lovers of rustic, industrial and retro plumbing by being the perfect backdrop to show them off. White doesn’t get in the way, so every guest will be amazed by your design tastes!

Because it makes rich materials pop

If you chose rich materials like tropical woods and dark stone for some elements of your bathroom, you might want to stick with white for the rest of it so they can contrast beautifully against a neutral background.

And you don’t need much, either: a countertop and a window frame are enough to provide that beautiful contrast that’s so characteristic of modern bathrooms. But even in more traditional styles, white does a great job of making your rich, luxurious materials pop.

White is a classic, flexible choice for all kinds of bathroom decor styles. It’s easy to decorate with, can adapt to any change in style, and is generally just practical to use in the bathroom. Any of the reasons above can work, or even if you just like white.


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