4 Clever Kitchen Corner Cabinet Storage Ideas

If you choose a U shape or L shape kitchen, corner cabinet ideas are often a tough part for kitchen cabinet design. But a great corner kitchen cabinet solution is essential for improving user experience. A poor designed kitchen corner cabinet can be a disaster.
Deep corner cabinet ideas or blind corner cabinet ideas make storing and taking items extremely difficult. Some may need you to crawl into the cabinet to get what you need. Fortunately, the leading China kitchen cabinet maker OPPEIN perfectly fixed the kitchen corner cabinet storage problem, providing both the practical and aesthetic kitchen corner cabinet design. Here we will share 4 corner kitchen cabinet ideas which could amaze you by their smart design. Read on!

1. Pull out corner shelf
To deal with the dreaded blind corner cabinet, adding pull out corner shelves or swing out shelves is a clever choice. This kind of kitchen accessory makes the corner space of the cabinet available for storage. Its unique shape perfectly fits in the corner cupboard. With large corner tray, you may use it as a pot rack, keeping the cookware out of the countertop.



2. Corner Drawer Cabinet
Instead of adding kitchen accessories to the cabinet, here is a solution that entirely changes the cabinet structure. To make corner no longer the problem for storage, OPPEIN made the corner as a V-shape storage cabinet. By this corner drawer cabinet, the blind corner space can be maximally used for storing dinnerware.



3. Kitchen Corner Pantry
Diagonal cabinet provide a new idea for kitchen corner cabinet storage. This 
tall corner kitchen cabinets could be a distinctive design for your kitchen. Just like the corner drawer, this corner kitchen pantry cabinet turns the entire corner into storage area, leaving no space wasted. Moreover, as a tall corner cabinet, it could become a grocery center for the kitchen.

tall corner kitchen cabinets,Corner-Pantry.jpg


4. Magic Kitchen Corner Cabinet
Magic corner unit is a much easier way to utilize the corner storage space. Unlike those lazy susan cabinet, magic corner storage shelf directly attaches to the door panel, which is extremely convenient as the inner storage will come out while you pull out the door panel. Slide track makes this kitchen cabinet design effortless and smooth.



Corner storage cabinet can be a tricky detail when you design a new kitchen or remodel the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to ask your designer about the upper corner kitchen cabinet and base corner kitchen cabinet, making sure the corner storage would not be a difficulty in the future. Professional designer shall be able to provide the best kitchen cabinet idea to you.

For corner storage problem, 
OPPEIN can offer a customizable plan for your kitchen. From design to manufacture, we have turnkey service to give customer the best shopping experience. Contact to get your dream kitchen started!

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