3 ways to think about your kitchen

“We dreamed of a kitchen that was open and almost invisible, so we defined it with materials and colors instead of walls or anything too architecturally dominant”


1. think like an architect

‘Having clear counters was important to us,’ says Jerzy. ‘Minimising visual distractions helps the space to flow. So we went for built-in appliances to keep the worktops clutter free. OPPEIN kitchen is simple, smart and easy to customise; I play with it a lot in my architectural practice.

‘Having the hob on the island means we face out towards the living areas when we’re cooking. It’s more sociable and makes it easier for us to keep an eye on the kids’ – Jerzy.


Customise your work triangle

“OPPEIN helped us design the best kitchen workflow for our lifestyle. Because we like to host big get-togethers and cook-alongs with friends, we separated the oven and hob – that way several people can cook comfortably at the same time. “


2. think like a parent

“The kitchen island on the dining side is full of our child’s toys, books and games,’ says tony. ‘They’re her secret cabinets, where she keeps her favorite things and sometimes stashes sweets. The solution works for all of us – everything she needs to draw or play with is easy for her to get out and put on the dining table, where she likes to spread her things out. When she’s done, it’s easy for her to tidy everything away again.”


Big drawers, small hands

“We’ve organised the kitchen to encourage our child’s independence. She loves making sandwiches and getting involved at mealtimes, so the large drawers and plate holders make it easy for her to get what she needs. “


3. think greener

“Choosing energy saving appliances from the start has helped to make our kitchen less wasteful and more sustainable,’ says Jerzy. ‘We only considered buying those with good energy ratings, like our induction hob, because it’s really efficient and had a water-saving tap fitted for the sink. Our bins are under the sink but we wanted to improve our recycling, so we recently added more containers for separating waste.”



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