2022 Bathroom Design Trends – 10 Best Bathroom Suites

As 2021 is coming to a close, a bathroom makeover is a great way to celebrate the new year. To help you catch the bathroom design trend, here we present 10 stunning bathroom design ideas from 2021. Read to get inspiration for your bathroom!

A full or partial remodel of your home is a great way to celebrate the new year. As 2021 draws to a close, you may consider making some changes to your house. And a bathroom makeover is a must. After all, it is a place where you can relax after an exhausting day at work. Here's the question - how can you customize your bathroom in a trendy way? As an answer to that, we have collected 10 inspiring bathroom design ideas for 2022 from a trusted bathroom vanity manufacturer - OPPEIN HOME. By viewing these, you might get an idea of an in-trend design for your own bathroom.

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1. Wood Color Bathroom
2. Shaker Style Bathroom
3. Shower Room with Sauna
4. Small Bathroom Decor
5. Dark Modern Bathroom
6. Half Bath Design
7. Gray Laundry-Bathroom Combo
8. Mirrored Vanity Bathroom
9. Zen Bathroom Design
10. Double Vanity Bathroom

11. About Budget

1. Make it Lively and Warm – Wood Color Bathroom



Bathroom decor or restroom decor can be challenging as far as color selection is concerned. White seems like a safe choice, but isn't it too plain to style the room? Therefore, this bathroom only chooses natural textures coupled with white details. Wood grain lends a warm feeling to the entire room, making it a soothing space for you to relax.

2. Classic Texture Stays Forever – Shaker Style Bathroom     



Looking for a design that will endure? A shaker-style bathroom is the ideal choice. This traditional door style is compatible with a wide variety of home furnishings, including bathroom vanities. On Houzz, for example, if you search for bathroom design ideas, you will find that many of the first page displays are shaker style ideas. This design has been popular for decades, and it remains popular today.

3. Simple But Functional – Shower Room with Sauna        



If you have more than enough space for a bathroom suite, here is an aesthetic bathroom you may find interesting. There is no intricate design in this bathroom, and the cabinetry displays a simple style. However, it is extremely versatile for daily use. It is equipped with a bathroom vanity, shower enclosure, toilet, and sauna, allowing you to enjoy a complete recovery.

4. Compact and Practical – Small Bathroom Decor        



Small bathroom design ideas are usually associated with narrow spaces and inconveniences. Yet, small bathroom ideas can still be creative and beautiful as shown above. The key point of decorating a tiny bathroom is to keep it bright. Soft and light colors can make a bathroom appear larger than it actually is. Selecting glass and mirrors can also help widen the space.

5. Elegant and Graceful - Dark Modern Bathroom        



A stunning black bathroom design is valuable. As the room is in black, an accent color will stand out perfectly against the dark tone. Small black bathroom designs need to be balanced. Excess or insufficient black tones can ruin the whole design. Consequently, the keynote should be dark but light colors should be used in the details, otherwise the room will look dull and depressing. Choose brown grain details like the bathroom cabinet above to give your bathroom a modern, elegant feel.

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6. Maximally Using Corner - Half Bath Design        



As its name implies, the half bath has only half of the functions of a bathroom, such as a toilet and sink. The design of this kind of bathroom is also known as guest bathroom design or powder room design. Gray color scheme adds a typical modern touch to this half bath idea. Also, corner bathroom storage cabinets help save space. A small bathroom design like this is ideal for a guest room or for a second bathroom.

7. Luxurious and Versatile – Gray Laundry-Bathroom Combo  



In order to make the space more versatile and functional, this design combines the bathroom with a laundry room. Such a design improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the space. Moreover, the bluish gray color has become a trend this year. It is certainly the most luxurious bathroom design until now, with dark golden details and an illuminating cabinet system.

8. Stylish and Space-saving – Mirrored Vanity Bathroom     



A mirrored bathroom vanity is an alternative to installing a mirror on the wall. With this combination, the bathroom space is fully utilized while also being stylish. The mirror doors make the whole bathroom appear larger than it is. It is an excellent way to add a touch of glamour to the bathroom, by bringing these mirrored bathroom vanities into your home.

9. Peaceful Serenity – Zen Bathroom Design        



Zen is becoming more popular in interior design recently, which is about expressing a sense of harmony and balance. Zen style and bathroom design can make a perfect match, since the bathtub bathroom is the most relaxing spot in the home. In this zen bathroom design, all the shades are bright and soft to soothe your mind. While you soak in the tub, you can literally feel your stress and fatigue fading away.

10. Master Bathroom Remodel - Double Vanity Bathroom      



For master bathroom remodeling, more and more homeowners choose double vanity bathrooms according to the 2019 U.S. Houzz bathroom trends study. Most often, married couples choose this kind of bathroom design. Bathrooms with double sinks greatly alleviate traffic problems in the morning. Additionally, sharing a bathroom with a lover is now an efficient and romantic choice.

About Budget – Cost of Bathroom Renovation        

The cost of bathroom renovation may also be a concern for you. In this section, we will briefly discuss the quotation for bathroom furnishings. Bathrooms are typically equipped with sinks, vanity units, toilets, and bathtubs/showers.
First, let's talk about bathroom sink prices. Bathroom sinks are typically made of ceramic, and there are basically three types based on the installation method -
Bathroom Vessel Sink, Under Mount Sink, and Integrated Sink. On Amazon, a vessel sink will cost about $60-$100 for a common size, and an undermount sink will cost about $80-$120. The integrated sink will be much more expensive, around $150-$300.


Next, regarding bathroom vanity/bathroom cabinet, different materials and sizes can affect the price drastically. As an expert in cabinetry manufacturing, OPPEIN can offer a set of vanities for $400 – 1,000. If you are looking for DIY bathroom vanities, an Ikea vanity will cost you between $150 and $250.


While renovating a bathroom, the second most expensive part is the shower cubicle or bathtub. For a complete set of shower room (installation not included), you might need to spend $1,500-2,000. The bath tub is less expensive, about $1,000-1,500. If you choose OPPEIN, you may only need $8,00 to $1,000 for a shower room.


Finally, the toilet is the most expensive item in the bathroom. You may find it on Amazon for $2,000-3,000. However, if you hand over the bathroom furnishing to OPPEIN, you may only need $300-1,000 for the toilet as we offer a great discount for the entire project.


In general, you may think that a custom bathroom can be more pricey than a DIY project, but it's the opposite. Finding a reliable company to help you remodel can not only save you time, but also money. So even though you are planning a bathroom on a budget, feel free to contact us. We can always provide the perfect solution according to your budget.


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