Ten Functional Parts to Help You Tidy Your Wardrobe Well

Unreasonable storage may lead to some trouble, such as hard to find the right clothes, clothes become wrinkled. Many people feel helpless about this problem, now we will introduce some helpful functional elements, if you can use them well, you will own a orderly wardrobe and life.


  • lengthways clothes rail

Available for little space, it lays out the clothes so that you can find them.

  • Transparent drawer

You can easily check and find out what you want to find, to avoid rummaging around wardrobe.

  • Low grid

Low grid is very practical to us, grid usually too high to pack up clothes, while it is very easy to cause mess. So low grid is the way more practical to pack up clothes.

  • Containers

Containers are helpful especially when you have many little things. It can classify your goods well.


  • Half lay-out drawer

It is more tidy than transparent drawer, while you can check out what’s in it at a glance and maybe you also notice that it is shallow. Shallow drawer will more convenient to pick up.

  • Low coat hanger

Notice the right hanger area of hanging hot pants. Adjust the height of hanger properly can make the space more efficient.


  • Long clothes rail

Long clothes rail is very popular inside wardrobe, but we here to aware that we can set up more clothes rail in lengthways. Many people have no patience to fold clothes so you can hang them up to avoid being wrinkle.

  • use the side space of wardrobe

Do you use the side space such as doors of wardrobe?

  • The interior lighting of closet

It can be more convenient for you to find your clothes while light is not good.


  • Trousers rack

Functional set to storage pants efficiently, very practical.