Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

Remodeling a kitchen is the biggest and most exciting home improvement projects. The choices and decisions may seem endless, but the possibilities and payoff are immense. Kitchen remodeling gives you one of the highest return-on-investments of any home improvement project.
Before you begin shopping for new kitchen cabinets, make sure you have a well-thought-out plan for your kitchen remodeling. Learn the basics with this helpful kitchen cabinet buying guide.

Kitchen Cabinets

The starting point for every kitchen is cabinetry(加连接). Kitchen cabinet designs are customizable to meet specific needs, whether you’re a wine collector, or a family of nine. Specialty cabinets and accessories are available to match your style and organizational needs.
Kitchen cabinets are available in three levels of design and price:
Stock cabinets come in standard sizes and shapes and are usually available to take home from the store the same day or just a few days later. The advantages of stock cabinets are affordability and a quick delivery time. However, you usually have a limited selection of styles, shapes, colors, wood type, etc.



Semi-custom cabinets are built after you order them, so you can choose from your own sizes and styles. The advantages of semi-custom cabinets is that you get the feeling you have some individual input into the design (however limited) without the cost of full-on custom cabinets. Semi-custom cabinetry usually requires a longer lead time for delivery than stock and are a little more expensive.



Custom cabinets are built to your specifications, so they can be pretty much anything you want! It is possible to buy “custom” cabinets, which means you start with a standard size cabinet and add on the details and features you want. Because of this, custom cabinets are expensive, labor-intensive, and usually take a few weeks or months to complete. Custom cabinets are either built on- or- off-site by a skilled carpenter, or manufactured on a build-to-order basis.

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TIPS: Feeling overwhelmed by the choices? Consult(加连接) with a OPPEIN’s design professional, who can help you see the big picture and narrow your options to create a kitchen that’s perfect for you.

Cabinet Hardware

The knobs and pulls you select for your new cabinets provide an opportunity to dress up the look of your kitchen. Today’s hardware is stylish and functional, plus it’s easy to find designs to match your esthetic. You can choose everything from the finish of the hardware to the style that suits you best.


Some cabinet hardware works specifically with the principles of universal design, which aims to make living and working spaces more accessible to people with limited physical abilities.

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TIPS: Select your cabinet hardware at the same time you choose cabinetry. This allows plenty of time for special-order pieces to arrive prior to installation.


Once you make all the cabinetry decisions, select a countertop to complete the look of your kitchen. Countertops are available in various materials and price ranges, and the best configuration for your kitchen may involve more than one type of countertop material.

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Cabinet Display Accessories

● Add style with glass doors, with or without mullions. Finish the interior to match the exterior, or shake things up with a bright or contrasting hue.
● Store plates with panache. Plate holders face front or to the side for an interesting view of dinnerware.
● Down-lit glass display shelves put the spotlight on your decorative collections.
● Faux furniture legs and feet for cabinets give the illusion of freestanding pieces.
● Spacers, plinth blocks and rosettes add a decorative touch to your cabinetry.

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