Snow, Woods, Hot coffee — Our home is always where we get inspired

Snow, Woods, Hot coffee
— Our home is always where we get inspired

“I always wanted to be an interior designer since childhood”, Benny said, “and it’s my own home that gave me much inspiration.”

When Benny showed the kitchen he newly designed, we found it surprisingly stunning. It’s kind of modern and vigorous, using a lot of cold colors, nevertheless seems to contain warmth somehow.

“That’s due to a good combination of colors and materials, perhaps a short story, if you like.”


“In this kitchen, the wall panel is painted in tempered blue green, and creates a fundamental tone for the room, makes it more vigorous and clear.” Said Benny.
“When I was a child, I lived in a house surrounded by woods in countryside, the fresh air could always come inside kitchen when cooking, and the green scenery outside window always let us cheer up during breakfast. So I make this soft green blue a background to bring a sense of nature inside kitchen, it’ll be even better if add some green plants.”


My father was a skillful craftsman, he made wooden cabinets in kitchen on his own—well, I actually regarded myself as his capable assistant, we sawed a walnut together and make it a cabinet, I shall always miss the natural wood texture and color of it—it’s so beautiful and cozy. So I add walnut wood cabinets and breakfast table here, try to make a kitchen cabinet with elegant molding and artistic craft, which makes people feel clear and natural even living among a concrete jungle.”

“Where I lived before was a cold northern area, it snowed a lot, but we never thought it a problem, actually we always sit around fireplace and boiled a pot of coffee. And with the warm fragrance and some books, a mysterious journey of fairy tale and folk legend starts.” Benny said, as if he traveled back to the happy time.

“So I paint the wall cupboard in white and dark grey—like white snow and dark firewood, to create a clean and pure style. Instead of a glossy shining surface, the matte paint makes it softer both in vision and touch, along with the light-colored walnut, you can turn anywhere a cozy and sweet home space.”

“Back to my family, my mother was a housewife, who was hard-working and always trying to keep the whole house clean and tidy—which seems hardly possible, ‘cause you know our kitchen was too small then, not every stuff could find the place it belongs to. And children were jumping and running all around — especially in the small kitchen where food hided, which we always kept an eye on. And she was like going crazy.” Benny smiled.


“So I design a kitchen of middle size but containing completed functions”, he said, “you can embed appliances like oven and microwave into the cabinet — actually there is a dishwasher hidden inside the cabinet under oven, so that the space usage can reach to the maximum, and keep an integration external beauty at the same time. And I’m sure she will love the dark grey quartz countertop, it takes the least to clean.”“Besides, under the simple and exquisite appearance, its storage capacity is really amazing”.

And then, one by one, Benny pulled out all the storage drawers and baskets—not to say those wall cupboards, shelves and hanging devices. I had to admit that it’s really beyond my imagination, ‘cause I never thought there were so many skillful storage segmentations inside this not so large cabinet.



“Me myself is quite forgetful, what often happened is my wife can’t find a seasoning jar, a small spoon or something after a meal I cooked, and neither can I”, Benny laughed, “and there are surely many other people like me. But I guess a kitchen cabinet with considerate and skillful storage devices design like this can make storage much easier, we can put the stuff in use or easy to forgot on the open shelf or hanging hooks. While close the door, all the clutters are shut inside—definitely a functional cabinet.”

“I really wish my mother had a kitchen like this at that time”. Benny said.

Benny abandoned himself to a distant memory, and so does everyone of us. Home is where we root in, where we soak in the sweetest nutrition, and that nutrition shall give us the motivation and inspiration we need in our whole life.