Share an apartment—Young and enjoyable time we cherish

Share an apartment
—Young and enjoyable time we cherish

Can you recall what did you want when you just got your first pot of gold?
Well I do, I was eager to have a house of my own, I also wanted to decorated it with my favorite style.
But the truth is, I couldn’t afford a house for many years since I graduated. And I felt it such a pity that I couldn’t have my own house. Thus I had to share an apartment with some other guys I barely knew then. Well guess what, it turned out to be one of the best things that happened to me at my twenties, which also inspired my designing of this set of kitchen—a kitchen about room sharing and youthful get together.


To a big family or an apartment shared by friends, the most vital quality of kitchen may be functional.

It’s not hard to imagine how crowded the kitchen would be when 5 young people are all gathering there. So, kitchen cabinet is broken into 3 parts here—the main countertop for washing, an independent island for cooking, and an isolate cabinet for embedded kitchen appliances, all these 3 sections allow large-capacity storage.


Well to young people, a functional kitchen is far from enough, fashionable and charming are also important to these youthful artists. White color matches with natural wood grain could make this cabinet really clean and tasteful. Compared with plain smooth surface, this grooved door panel adds more fashionable and artistic elements.

Original walnut texture is preserved here, to make the kitchen more comfortable and elegant. I think that’s due to the impression of being natural and unprocessed the wood elements bring people.

I remember that our small kitchen was always fully filled with all kinds of stuffs, and we have to add more shelves and boxes on the wall, to make our kitchen less messy, and that’s surely a problem when we moved out—the landlord insisted that we should tear all these “bizarre” storage devices off. And we all tried to persuade her all those are necessary and also artistic, which surely failed, these details still make us laugh a lot now.


But storage is hardly a real issue in this set of kitchen, since I dig every possible space out for storage use. The base cabinet, wall cupboard, open shelf and boxes—here kitchen storage can be real practical and also decorative.


We all have youthful days. Days when we were ambitious and energetic, shinning like gold for our pure and passionate heart. When we barely have anything but still keep hopeful and pursuing high-quality life—and so we did, we can always find the treasure we ‘re looking for by following the call of our heart, and that’s nothing to do with money. This design is for the precious shinning days and our undying going after good life.