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OPPEIN Eco-wood Series

"new material, new choice."

OPPEIN Eco-wood is created by world-leading wrapped manufacturing. Not only does Eco-wood has stunning solid wood grain pattern, luster, feels and touches that people pursue from solid wood, it also has lots of benefits that solid wood can not offer.

It is available in a range of wood grain, such as:

Eco-wood Features

1. Eco-wood look and feel very similar to solid wood. Eco-wood doors are available in all the same styles as our wood doors, except few specialty doors.

2. Stable structure make it not easy to be out of shape.

3. Eco-wood will keep their color long after painted wood doors have started to fade.

4. It is more suitable for mass-produced.

5. Waterproof and scratch-resistance. It is easy to clean and maintain.

6. High cost-effective.

7. Using 18/22/25 mm high quality MDF as base. European E1 grade, conform to the standard of environmental protection.



Contrast between Eco-wood and Solid Wood

Item Solid Wood Eco-wood Contrast
Construction door: 45°/90° assemble door: 45°/90° assemble similarity
Appearence solid wood texture highly imitate wood grain, good stereo effect similarity
Properties easy to scratch, fading and be damaged by moth.
Not waterproofs
waterproof, scratch-resistance, no distortion more durable and easy to care
Lead time 30 days 15 days shorter period
Price / 30-40% savings save much more


Q: Why can a Eco-wood kitchen 30-40% less than a solid wood kitchen?
A: Rare wood resources, complicated craftsmanship and inefficient massive production make real wood furniture at high prices.However, a Eco wood kitchen can be 30-40% less than a real wood kitchen.


Q: Why the production lead time of Eco-wood kitchen needs less time than the solid wood's?
A: Restrained by the drying process and time-taking painting process , the production lead time of a solid wood kitchen is at least 30 days.Even it is longer if hand painting or complicated hand cravings required. Eco-wood kitchen, however, only requires a half of it. Within 15 days a kitchen can be finished.


Q: Why named it Eco-wood?
A: Eco-wood comes from Eco-friendly, our Earth's extraordinary and irreplaceable forests need to be protected urgently.,we have the power to end the destruction of our forests.And NC lacquer, PU paints and water-solvent paints are the most common paints applied in solid wood finishing, which are harm for human body, while Eco-wood do not use them.


Eco-friendly Certificates

OPPEIN Eco-wood passes 3 international standards of interior furniture: E1(EU standard), JASF4(Japan standard) & CARB (US) . During the wrapping process, we apply the most eco-friendly glue from Jowat, the world top adhesive brand.



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