OP16-M06: 10 Square Meters Straight-Line Modern Style Kitchen Design

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OP16-M06: 10 Square Meters Straight-Line Modern Style Kitchen Design


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OP16-M06: 10 Square Meters Straight-Line Modern Style Kitchen Design



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Kitchen Furniture --Kitchen Cabinet - OP16-M06
Wooden Kitchen Cabinet with Melamine Finish
According to E1 environmental protection standard Fashionable Series
Kitchen Cabinet Countertop:
1) Quartz Stone: (WTY147)
2) Edge: Straight Edge (S-Z38)
3) Thickness (mm): 40mm
4) Matched Material: Can be matched with Silestone, Quartz Stone and Caesar Stone
Note:40mm thick countertop is underlaid by aluminum transverse; Aluminum transverse thickness is 20mm;others by quartz stone block.  
Kitchen Cabinet Door Material 1:
1) Matched Door Finish: Melamine (WBMA327)
2) Door Base Material: Particle Board
3) Door Style: A-F
Kitchen Cabinet Door Material 2:
1) Matched Door Finish: Acrylic (WBMR107)
2) Door Base Material: Plywood
3) Door Style: YMR01
Kitchen cabinet has included all necessary hardware such as drawer slides, knobs, handles, hinges and shelf pins (local) specific brands, such as Blum, Hettich.



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Extraordinary material makes this kitchen a noble and aesthetic artwork. It is not just a kitchen cabinet, it can be a brilliant decoration in your home.
● Carcase: Particle Board More Carcase >
Scratch proof, moisture proof, good screw holding capacity and load bearing capacity.
● Door Material: Acrylic More Material >
Scratch and abrasion resistance; Waterproof.
● Countertop: Quartz Stone More Countertop >
High Hardness, long service life, directly contact with food.
● Hardware: BLUM More Hardware>
50 years service life; for 200,000 times opening and closing tests.

Door Panel Optional Colors:

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----------WASHING & COOKING AREA-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Acrylic kitchen cabinet, modern kitchen cabinet



----------STORAGE AREA-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Push storage components to the wall to free up space for a small dining table, so that people can enjoy themselves well in this compact but functional place.

kitchen cabinets, Melamine kitchen cabinet



----------DINING AREA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Melamine kitchen cabinet, Acrylic kitchen cabinet, modern kitchen cabinet





---------- FUNCTIONAL ACCESSORIES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 01-Drawer Storage

Drawer Storage -
Keep the dishes tidy

02-Built-in Appliance

Built-in Appliance -
Create a sleek, fitted, custom upscale appearance

02-Built-in Appliance

Wall Space Storage -
Make full use of every inch out of kitchen


 01-Drawer Storage

Intelligent Appliance -
Keep your hands free when providing recipes

02-Built-in Appliance

High Cabinet Storage -
Convenient for you to take items from high place

02-Built-in Appliance

Lazy Susan -
Use the entire space of the corner cabinet


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