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OP16-HS02: Traditional White Matte Lacquer and Wood Grain PVC Pakistan Style House Furniture



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Wooden Kitchen Cabinet with Lacquer Finish
According to E1 environmental protection standard
Classical Series
Kitchen Cabinet Countertop:
1) OPPEIN Quartz Stone (WTY315)
2) Edge: Straight Edge 40 (S-Z38)
3) Thickness (mm): 38
4) Matched Material: Can be matched with Silestone, Quartz Stone and Caesar Stone
Note: 38mm or 60mm thick countertop is underlaid by aluminum transverse; Aluminum transverse thickness is 26mm or 48mm; others by solid surface block.
Kitchen Cabinet Door Material:
1) Matched Door Finish: Lacquer(WBMK206)
2) Door Base Material: Particle Board
3) Door Style: YMK50
Kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity has included all necessary hardware such as drawer slides, knobs, handles, hinges and shelf pins (local) specific brands
Such as Blum, Hettich.

Insert: LT1002B
Door: YL760
Handle: 61004-160
Hardware: KD88

Door: YL970
Handle: LS1507
Hardware: KD88

Door: YL970+ YB01
Hardware: KD88+ B-97B

Door: KQ008-1/YMK105/D-03 / Lacquer
Handle: LS1507
Hardware: KD88

Bathroom Cabinet 1
Cabinet Body Material: E1 grade of Particle Board
(Environment-friendly materials)
Door Panel: Lacquer (WBMK206)/ YMK50
Countertop: RD008

Bathroom Cabinet 2
Cabinet Body Material: E1 grade of Particle Board
(Environment-friendly materials)
Door Panel: Lacquer (WBMK206)/ YMK50
Handle: WWWLD120A
Countertop: WTY131

Bathroom Cabinet 3
Cabinet Body Material: E1 grade of Plywood
(Environment-friendly materials)
Door Panel: Solid Wood (WBMG701)/ YMG49
Countertop: RD008

Bathroom Cabinet 4
Cabinet Body Material: E1 grade of Particle Board
(Environment-friendly materials)
Door Panel: Lacquer (WBMK206)/ YMK50
Handle: WWWLD120A
Countertop: RD008

OP16-HS02: Traditional White Matte Lacquer and Wood Grain PVC Pakistan Style House Furniture




The L-shaped kitchen offsets the black quartz countertop with white Lacquer cabinets and includes accents of wood grain PVC to make the kitchen more warm and welcoming.


This space-efficient design includes some open shelves for commonly used items or for decoration display and an oven and a microwave sleekly incorporated into the cabinets.
Finally, the kitchen leads into a walk-in pantry, which allows you to feel like a professional chef.


Living Room


Whites and natural tones are combined to create a welcoming atmosphere in this cozy living room. Go ahead and seat your guests on the plush sofas that fill the room, and relax for an enjoyable afternoon.
http://www.oppeinhome.com/product/image/data/2016 Kitchen Cabinet/OP16-HOTEL02/op16-hotel02-wood-grain-bedroom-TV-cabinet
The shelves, cabinets, and coffee table are all very geometric, adding a contemporary twist to this homey space.


Study Room


Natural light pours into this room onto the rich chocolate brown of the desk and shelves and the elegant white of the cabinets. The open shelf consists of numerous grids, so you can separate books by genre. The abstract chandelier above adds modernity and uniqueness to the room.
Bedroom Suite 1


The bedroom emphasises two main themes: simplicity and elegance. Light colours bring classiness to the room, while white, quilted armchairs add a touch of regalness. With a bedroom like this, there will be nowhere else you'd rather spend a lazy Saturday morning.


Connected to the bedroom is a small passageway with floor-to-ceiling wardrobes that leads into a personal bathroom, complete with beautiful tile walls, a black quartz counter, and a glass door shower.


Bedroom Suite 2


Earthy colours and natural materials make this room look organic and cozy. The chandelier, mosaic mirror, and quilted headboard add a few touches of sophistication.


The earthy feeling continues into the personal bathroom, in which there is a wall-sized wardrobe with wood grain PVC doors, stony walls, and windows for natural lighting. The cabinet and mirror frame are also wood-patterned.


Bedroom Suite 3


This lilac tinted room has a royal aura. The quilted headboard and bedroom bench add glamour.


And the wardrobe adds a fairytale touch. The white wardrobe is build into the wall and disguised to look like castle windows, which saves space and beautifies the room.
You continue to feel like royalty in the bathroom. The shower tiles look like honey gold marble, and if you pay close attention, you'll notice that the tile pattern right above the sink imitates the appearance of a castle wall.


Bedroom Suite 4


Warm, light colours and plush bedding and sofas make this room seem comfortable. The dark wood grain night tables and TV cabinet make this room even homier by adding a feeling of nature.


A small open cabinet near the vanity is a very smart design that your frequently-used items can be putted conveniently.
The floor to ceiling wardrobe that takes up the entire wall, providing you with more than enough storage space.


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