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Full House Customization

Dream House = Customized Furniture + Integrated Interior Design
500+ full house customization have been finished, including villa, apartment and hotel solutions.
You stay in house everyday, and have fun with family,being worth of having a dream home.
Reasonable layout and exquisite decoration provide you a more comfortable apartment.
For tourist accommodation—comfortable surroundings and a cozy atmosphere make you feel at home.
This big house has 6 bedrooms and 2 kitchens. With an attractive look of open space and the interior space, this house has interested a large number of customers.
No hidden costs, saving at least 30% budget comparing to separate purchasing.
One time fulfilling, ensuring your customized design which reflects your tastes.
Customized furniture fit with your taste and space greatly, and match with your interior design.
Ideas & How – Tos
How to Refresh a Room With Less Expense
In some degree, we have a complex relationship with our homes. Most of us have some complaints about our home, such as a lack of closet space, a too-small bathroom, an awkward layout and so on. While it's impossible to change a floor plan or expand a bathroom without spending money, you can refresh a room without less expense. Sometimes , making some small changes may help a lot.
Design Your Full House