White Matte Lacquer Bathroom Cabinet BC16-L03

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White Matte Lacquer Bathroom Cabinet BC16-L03



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Code: BC16-L03
Door Material:
1) Door Finish: Matte Lacquer(UQ-SL004)
2) Door Base Material: Plywood

1) Material: Material: Quartz Stone(OWS064)
2) Thickness (mm): 38mm

1) Basin: OP-WY01
2) Tap: OP-F192-X

Size: 800*480*350mm


modern bathroom vanity

White lacquer design is one of the most popular choices of many families. Bathroom vanities with lacquer style can make the whole home brightly under the lights.

Beige countertop combines with white lacquer material is a great combination in this situation.


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