Packaging – Range Hood


OPPEIN usually uses cantons for range hood packing to avoid breakage in transit. As follows is Packing Procedure:1. After production and inspection of range hood, they will be packed in cartons next. First of all, foamed plastics are placed at the bottom of the carton ready for panels packing.;

2. And then, every range hood in cartons is separately lined with Wood and paper plate;

3. After finishing that, foamed plastics are placed at the top of carton to ensure that range hood are wrapped very well;

4. Without wooden frames, OPPEIN panels in cartons will be bound with rope externally;

5. Every client who bought OPPEIN cabinetry products has a contract number for his order. This contract number and product name will be marked on the outside of each carton before shipment;

6. The regular strong seaworthy Packing is done;

7. Finally, pre-packaged cartons will be unloaded onto the warehouse waiting for shipment.