Customized Design




OPPEIN has made alliance with famous Italian designers. we insist of original designs and keeping up with international trends.

OPPEIN Headquarter Team


OPPEIN headquarters design team has ample design experience, regularly researches and learns design styles, concepts from different countries and regions, always pays close attention to and follows international trends, and is committed to providing customers with integrated home consulting services.


OPPEIN is committed to what our customers need. OPPEIN designs make it easy your dream home with
easy access and excellent appearance.

Triangle Science, Makes An Efficient Cooking Line

Four functional areas of storage, washing, cooking and preparing match up well with human’s body characteristics, cooking process and tableware use frequency, which forms a right angle or isosceles triangle. While significantly improving cooking efficiency, it is also the key to determining cabinet efficiency and cooking pleasure.

Humanity Design

1. Touch-induced automatic button, a state-of-the -art technology that minimizes user fatigue

2. The dimension and height are built to fit the bodies and daily lifestyle of most people in research.

3. The upturned hanging cabinet door has the characteristics of easy access with stylish appearance, and it seems to be more free in limited space.



We have customized OPPEIN Kitchen for various types of houses in more than 118 countries and regions around the world. Regardless
of the layout of the kitchen space or the original architectural, our designers will always start from taking full account of the
space and customer’s preferred design theme, with a wide choice of materials, finishes and colors provided to
develop an individual and unique kitchen.


Professional design tools are adopted to assist for perfect art effect, including 2020, CAD, 3D MAX,
KD MAX, etc.
OPPEIN-Professional-design-tool-05-1 (1)
OPPEIN-Professional-design-tool-05-1 (1)

The 2020 design software total solution covers all key stages of the furniture industry from experience, design, sales, production, docking, and delivery.

OPPEIN-Professional-design-tool-05-1 (2)

A 3D animation rendering and production software based on PC system developed by Autodesk. It has powerful functions, good extensibility, and makes the interior design vivid.

OPPEIN-Professional-design-tool-05-1 (3)

An automatic computer-aided design software, can be used for drawing, two-dimensional drawing, and basic three-dimensional design. It can automatically map without programming.