Production Time


The form below shows production time of different finishes need:

*The actual production time will be depended on the materials manufacturing time. Please feel ease to fill the contact chart if any question.


Kitchen Cabinet:

 Solid wood finish 52-55 days
 Wood veneer finish 58-63 days
 Lacquer finish 28-33 days
 Laminated finish 18-21 days
 PVC finish 23-25 days
 Acrylic finish 18-22 days
 Melamine finish 18-22 days


Kitchen Countertop:

 Quartz 20-23 days
Spain Sintered   Surface 28-30 days
 Other countertops 18-20 days


 Solid wood finish 33-38 days
 Lacquer finish 33-38 days
 PVC finish 32-34 days
 Leather finish 19-33 days
 Laminate finish 19-21 days
 Glass series 19-33 days
Melamine Finish 14-27 days


Wooden Door:

 Solid Wood finish 54-56 days
 Wood Veneer finish 41-43 days
 Lacquer finish 41-43 days
 Melamine finish 31-33 days

Bathroom Cabinet:

 Laminated finish 17-18 days
 Acrylic finish 18-20 days
 PVC finish 21-26 days
 Lacquer finish 23-35 days
 Solid wood finish 35-40 days




Bathroom Countertop:

Quartz 23-25 days
OPPEIN Solid Surface 18-20 days
Spain Sintered   Surface 33-35 days
Other countertops 20-24 days