【East Africa】Business Trip Schedule from Mar. to May

17th,Mar – 16th,May 2015,Carlos YE, OPPEIN sales manager, and the overseas representative Simon are already starting to
visit four cities of East Africa .
The schedule includes visiting Kenya’s capital city Nairobi and her big city Mombasa,then Carlos will fly to Dar es Salaam in
Tanzania and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. More information about this schedule please see the table below.
So during this time, if you want to know more about OPPEIN exactly or have some coorperation plan with OPPEIN , please
don’t miss this great chance to talk with them face to face.You can touch them with the following ways:

Carlos [sales manager]
 Email: carlos@oppein.com
     Tel: +254 735 251 256

Simon [overseas representative]
 Email: simon@oppein.com
     Tel:+254 725 415 330