How to Make Your Kitchen Looks Elegant?

When we renovate a kitchen, we firstly consider which layout of kitchen cabinet match our kitchen space better, especially when it’s a little space. There are almost four kinds of layout for choosing: single-wall, gallery, L-shape and U-shape. Actually, these four kinds of layout are all suitable for small kitchen, it depends on how your kitchen looks like.


L-shape kitchen can change the cramped feeling of a small kitchen, Oppein design also consider the good look of a kitchen, it’s not only a cooking space, adding glass open cabinet to showcase the decorated plates or artistic design. This style of kitchen quite suitable for small square space.

Single-wall layout is suitable for narrow but long kitchen space, if you need much storage space, you can add more high cabinet to meet your need.


At the other side of kitchen, you can set up a refrigerator or other appliances. Gallery can be also considered. Right side is area for cleaning and placing, left side for cooking and pre-cooking.All works can be done in this smaller than 70 square feet kitchen.



If your kitchen is little larger than the kitchen above, you can consider U-shape layout.



Above all, all your need is all we consider about, whatever layout you want to remodel, Oppein designer can discuss with you and give you the best advice. Talk to our designer? Contact us, free design drawing for your room will send to you. Get Free Design Drawing