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Designs For Kids Room

– For the most important people in the world


” When I was a little girl, I just could not understand why so many adults were worried about choosing furniture and design for their kids’ rooms.

But as time passing by, many of my friends have married and given birth to a child, I gradually know their nervousness for everything related to the children.

Since kids room ideas are closely connected with children safety, kids’ sleep quality and living environment.

If you are confused by the same problems, the following 5 kids’ room ideas may help you. “

Eco-friendly Material

– Harmless to Children

Particle Board01
Particle Board02
Particle Board03
Particle Board04

The raw materials of these products, which were rated as E1 grade, Even though there are lacquer made door panels, they are no harm to kids’ health, either.

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Multi – Functional Furniture

– More Sustainable for Growing Kids

Particle Board01
Multi Functional Furniture 02
Multi Functional Furniture 03
Multi Functional Furniture 04

I prefer the above child’s room to be a tranquil and longevous place, since kids are growing fast, there are seldom furniture meet their changing needs. I pretty love the above furniture. For the cupboards, which are now put some toys for infants, can be replaced by books or other staff once the infants grew up.

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Rounded Edges

– Avoid Injuries When Children Play Around

Rounded Edges01
Rounded Edges02
Rounded Edges03
Rounded Edges04

I especially love these rounded edges, for it may avoid injuries when children play around in the room. Besides, the smooth and rounded edge design of the desk and bed leaves no sharp corners, and makes it the perfect addition to your home.

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Sustainable Function

– Maximization of Storage Space

Sustainable Function 1
Sustainable Function 02
Sustainable Function 03
Sustainable Function 04

Look, the wardrobe is an ideal solution for large numbers of clothes and toys – in this case, space is rather enough for those who are under 6 years old. Once they go to school, leaving their abandoned clothing and useless toys, there is still no need to worry with the large wardrobe.

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Simple and Neutral Designs

– Still Work as Their Tastes Change

Simple and Neutral Designs 01
Simple and Neutral Designs 02
Simple and Neutral Designs 03
Simple and Neutral Designs 04

I wanted this kids’ room to be a quiet yet vital space. The combination of light wood color, subtle blue, light greens and white furniture ensures it’s timeless and effortlessly stylish. Besides, the light green brings an energetic feeling to the little kid’s room. Taking inspiration from the story of teddy bear, I have accented this with light greens and soft blue color to punctuate the scheme and add freshness.

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Play Area

– Stimulate Kids’ Creativity

Play Area 01
Play Area 02
Play Area 03
Play Area 04

This nature and dynamic room is not only a place to rest, but also a play area which can help to stimulate kids’ creativity. Its design, which includes a comfortable rug and a striped feature wall, is both playful and stylish, making the room even more versatile. What’s more, In this kid’s room, a built-in cupboard bed is so cozy, pretty and space-saving, making it perfect for children.

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Just see the above 5 kids’ room, there are different color walls, ceilings and carpets. All these patterns have their own characteristics, introducing different element of fun to the kids’ rooms. In my point of view, they are all the perfect designs for children’s bedroom in a holiday home. At the same time, they create a more fluid layout ideal for family living.

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