Make Maximum Use of Wardrobe Space

As we all complained, we always feel that our wardrobe is not enough for storage. Except that we were loath to part with old goods, we didn’t make a reasonable use and functional division of wardrobe.

Do you usually have this problem about your wardrobe?
1. Lack of storage space. Maybe your wardrobe is shared by two people or three, but it wasn’t designed for different users, different habit and favor.

2. You can’t find the exactly one which you want to wear. It may appears some blind area in the wardrobe space which you can’t get there.

3. It is always a mess. You organize it well but before long it becomes mess again.
Wardrobe should be designed by different size and use.

Now we will give you some tips about how to choose the right wardrobe from two ways.

1. size & layout of bedroom



Small layout. Double doors will be the best choice, you can get what you want and overview all. Most important, it is suitable for small bedroom, also you can choose bright color of double sliding door, reduce space of taking when you open doors.


Middle size layout( 25-45 sqm.) Multi-door wardrobe can be considered.
Closet door can be designed as flat open according to the height of room. You also can design a font sliding closet if room is larger than 50 sqm.


Unregular type. Make corner walk-in closet if room is large and with columns, beams in it. Choose open font wardrobe if room is small, it can expand the visual sense of bedroom space.

2. different users and demand.
We consider its appearance and easily ignore function of wardrobe. Now we will design it for different users.


For adult. Different use habit of man and woman. Wardrobe for woman need a accessories area and add shelf boards properly. Wardrobe for man need a trousers rack and add hand on area properly. For young couple, wardrobe can be divided for two parts by 6:4 or 5:5 proportion.


For children. Multi function is key point for designing. As children are in the period of growing and own lots of toys. So it strongly demand of storage function of wardrobe.


For aged people. Consider its convenience, it should add fold up area, and lower the position of drawer and hang on area. The color of panel should choose low purity and brightness.