Cooperating with the world top hardware company, BLUM and Hettich, OPPEIN products always have the best quality and can serve for long. OPPEIN is the only strategic partner with BLUM in Asia household industry and has the exclusive products supply in China of BLUM Drawer Motion Technology. It not only makes the cabinets serve for long time, but also gives you a perfect, comfortable and high quality life experience.




1) Imported from Austria.
2) 20 years service life; pass 200,000 times using tests.
3) Rustproof performance; pass 48 hours of salt spray test.

1) Imported from Germany.
2) 50 years of service life; pass 200,000 times using test.
3) Top in damping system.
4) Corrosion resistant; easy assembly; mute function.




Lift Systems



1)Imported from Austria.
2) 20 years service life; pass 80,000 times using tests.
3) Arbitrary to hover, different height can be easily controlled.

1) Soft to open or close.
2) Maximum the utilization of space.







1) TANDEM ball bearing runner.
2) 30KG load bearing capacity .
3) Pass 100,000 times using test.
4) Drawer motion silent and effortless.

1) Soft closing.
2) Strong load bearing capacity.
3) 40 years of service life; 150,000 times using test.




Drawer Motion Technology



1) Self and silent closing function.
2) Easy assembly and adjustment.
3) 30KG to 65KG load bearing capacity.
4) Electronic motion system, open by touch.

5) Intelligent self-adaption buffer adaption.