Design A Suitable Home For You, Wherever You Come From

OPPEIN show up one small size layout studio design at 118th Canton Fair along with other products like kitchen cabinet and doors. It is the first time that OPPEIN display product of whole house customization theme at fair.

OPPEIN has designed 15 sets of whole house customizations for different countries customers. Now we’ll show out some of them. Actually, OPPEIN always produce the whole house furniture products, like kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet, door, bed and so on.

Whole house customization is a solution which combine design, customize, installation and after sales service. Owner of the house become half of the designer because he can determine how to design his home.

Why whole house customization become more and more popular nowadays. With the developing of real estate industry, more layout and house style come out, and it can’t meet personality demand any more. Many furnitures are beautiful at showroom, but when you buy them home, you find that it can’t fit the whole house style or with wrong size to match house.



Design for Kenya Customer



Design for Ameican Customer



House Layout

To solve all this problem, concept of whole house customization emerge.

Firstly, it will be more suitable to satisfy people’s pursuit. Customers become more and more care about how to reflect their lifestyle.

Secondly, whole house customization can help urban workers a very difficult problem when they want to decorate their new house. Usually, it would take them half of year to finish renovating. This wastes their time and energy to care about many things which they even don’t good at.

Thirdly, whole house customization is more environmentally-friendly.



Design for African Customer


Design for African Customer



Design for African Customer

One manufacturer which can support whole house custom must also be a very powerful company, therefore its matherial and product craft must be quite well and guaranteed, so your product must be more environmentally-friendly and less harm to body.

Whole House Customization is not only design new furnitures for you, creat a new way of life, but also reflect you attitude to life. It can also save your lots of space, such you can built a wardrobe into wall. And it will be more creative and happy to finish renovating.



Design for African Customer





Design for Australian Customer


Design for Australian Customer