Customer Responses and Evaluation in Nigeria


Customer Responses and Evaluation in Nigeria

Allen Zhou is on his business trip, he will stay in Nigeria till 17th.Oct. These days, he has visited some clients and solved several problems.

Dada, who bought OPPEIN cabinets, wardrobe and wooden doors 4 years ago, told us that the lights of bathtub and shower rooms had some problems with its intelligent panel touch screen . Allen and his team visited the clients, effectively found out and solved the problem. Dada was so satisfied with OPPEINS’s attitude and work efficiency that he took photos with Allen’s team members and spoke highly of the products of OPPEIN.



It is noteworthy that, in Nigeria, some clients use OPPEIN products without reading introduction, therefore, Allen and his team helped to solve these questions and taught them how to use range hoods. ”



One of OPPEIN’s clients, Femi, have already bought several series products of OPPEIN at the beginning of this year, until now, Femi feel optimistic about OPPEIN’s development in Nigeria and decided to become a dealer of OPPEIN, he said ”during this year, I found that the products of OPPEIN are all of high quality, so I will be a dealer of OPPEIN and our showroom locates in Ikoyi district. ”


Allen Zhou

Allen Zhou, has been extensively involved in the sales and marketing activities and devoted to contributing towards the growth and development of the organization, experienced at developing partnerships / strategic alliances strong focus on revenue and profits growth. Contact him to enjoy the win-win business relationship!