With the CNC machining centre and equipment imported from Europe, OPPEIN makes a precise standard on size, shape and polish. Cooperating with top international brands, It is also the only cabinet factory in Asia to produce good quality countertops.


Type Component Feature For the crowd Picture

90% powder and 10% resin.

1)Hard and safe.
2)Long lasting and easy to maintain.
3) Nontoxic, non-porous.and no radiation.

4) Fire proof, Scratch and impact proof.

Mature,  stable,
and high-end.


Matrix is PMMA, filler is ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide.

1)Hard & durable;
2)Easy to paint or shape;
3)No abruption, distortion.

Fashionable, young and people have personality.

OPPEIN Solid Surface A synthesis of natural resins, filler is aluminum hydroxide.

1)Eco friendly, no peculiar smell or radiation.
2)Seepage proof and the water proof.
3)Seamless joint, superior machinability.
4)Durable and easy to maintain.

and people like bright colors.

Spain Sintered Surface Only Spain imported volcanic rocks are used.

1)Green and healthy.
2)Hard, scratch proof, heat proof.
3)UA grade in acid and alkali.
3)No surface porosity, dirt proof.

Cool and noble.