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Australia Modern Series 【Built-in Solution】

  Living Room A living room is a room in a residential house or apartment for relaxing and socializing. This is an example of a contemporary living room in Australia. It mainly contains a sofa, chairs, occasional table, coffee table, bookshelves and other furniture. Living room connected with kitchen as well as bathroom, based white […]

Design A Suitable Home For You, Wherever You Come From

OPPEIN show up one small size layout studio design at 118th Canton Fair along with other products like kitchen cabinet and doors. It is the first time that OPPEIN display product of whole house customization theme at fair. OPPEIN has designed 15 sets of whole house customizations for different countries customers. Now we’ll show out […]



【Built-ins 3】Get rid of trouble-House Decoration

By:  Lavani OPPEIN (微信公众号) When comes to clothing collocation, especially for women, they would like to buy a new bag or shoes to match one of their dresses. That`s to say, collocation is a headache. The same situation should happen in house decoration. However, when built-ins has been born, house decoration becomes an easy job […]

Ten Functional Parts to Help You Tidy Your Wardrobe Well

Unreasonable storage may lead to some trouble, such as hard to find the right clothes, clothes become wrinkled. Many people feel helpless about this problem, now we will introduce some helpful functional elements, if you can use them well, you will own a orderly wardrobe and life. lengthways clothes rail Available for little space, it […]



【Built-ins 2】Right Time to Renovate Your House to Hug New Year

When autumn is coming, winter is not far away. Every year, Christmas and New Year festival is the most busy and happy festival, people will have fun and buy many things to decorate their home, seems it become a brand new. They wish their life will be better next year. So make a brand new home somehow means we […]

【Built-ins 1】Project Design for Vietnam

By:  Lavani OPPEIN ( 微信公众号) Recently, our designer (Tommy) has designed a built-ins project for Vietnam. During his design, his inspiration comes from his lover. What`s more, built-ins has been a hit topic around furniture market. Why it`s a trend? Because built-ins can not only meet the need to keep style consistent, but also increase the […]



How to Make Your Kitchen Looks Elegant?

When we renovate a kitchen, we firstly consider which layout of kitchen cabinet match our kitchen space better, especially when it’s a little space. There are almost four kinds of layout for choosing: single-wall, gallery, L-shape and U-shape. Actually, these four kinds of layout are all suitable for small kitchen, it depends on how your […]