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PVC kitchens (2)

PVC – Plentiful Modeling & Color

PVC – Plentiful Modeling & Color PVC(polyvinyl chloride) is a polymer by radical polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer. PVC sheets are composite plastic sheets which give a tough finish. They are vacuum plastic films, which raw material is the honeycomb-shaped mesh. Nowadays, PVC is the most mature cabinet material dues to the vacuum procession and […]

Inspiration for Your Kitchen

  Inspiration for Your Kitchen Transitional kitchen Transitional kitchens mix traditional and contemporary elements, so the space can feel rich and inviting but also up-to-date. The somewhat relaxed nature of a transitional kitchen works well with other minor trend elements like furniture-style islands and open shelves, giving you the freedom to follow traditional rules when […]

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Is island suitable for your kitchen?

Is island suitable for your kitchen? Kitchen Island For Dinner The kitchen island platform can be divided into two types: “island platform” and “Peninsula platform”. The island is a functional design of the kitchen cabinet, which is independent of the cabinet area, and is generally used in the open kitchen. In addition to having very […]

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Laminate – Durable and Fire Retardant

Laminate – Durable and Fire Retardant   Laminate, a composite artificial material made by over 10 pressing together thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins, which is also called HPL- Decorative High-pressure Laminate, is used for the decoration of any interior surfaces. It has rich colours, textures and special logistics performance, and is widely […]

Include an Island in Small Kitchen

  Include an island in small kitchen Think of a kitchen island and chances are you imagine a fantastic, large unit in the centre of a wide, open kitchen space. Thankfully, modest-sized kitchens can enjoy the benefits of an island despite limited space – advantages like extra, inward-facing worktop space to prep food and social […]

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Melamine kitchen door materials (3)

Melamine— Affordable and Practical

Melamine— Affordable and Practical Melamine is also called one-step moulding board. The base material is made of particleboard and MDF(medium density fiberboard), and the door finish consists of three layers: melamine resin overlay, décor layer, core layer and the backing layer. Melamine is quite eco-friendly because melamine formaldehyde resin is a kind of very low formaldehyde solution. […]

Acrylic kitchen (1)

Acrylic-as bright as crystal

Acrylic-as bright as crystal More than one hundred years, acrylic has been researched and developed. Acrylic is a general chemical product of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), including monomers, plates, pellets, resins, and composites. Generally speaking, Acrylic is also a kind of organic glasses through special processes. It is also known as ” plastic queen”, because varieties of […]