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The design of customized wardrobes in 2018

The design of customized wardrobes in 2018 Everything has its original idea, and the design of every commodity has its connotations. Therefore, the development of customized wardrobe has its design concept, and its design concept can be roughly divided into the following three elements. The tight combination of the three elements is presented in front […]

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Work Your Wardrobe

  Work Your Wardrobe Use as much vertical space as possible. Reach up as high as you can. Install tension rods, shelves or hooks right up to the ceiling of your wardrobe, and use the higher space to store bulkier or seasonal items, such as winter coats, boots and formal outfits. Incorporate retractable features. Pullout […]

Inspiring Walk-in Closets

  Inspiring Walk-in Closets A cramped closet stuffed with a thicket of shirts, skirts and trousers makes dressing a struggle and leaves clothes crumpled and damaged. Which is why so many of us would love a walk-in closet. The last word in style in the clothes storage world, these supersize closets allow you to find […]


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How to Organize Your Closet

  How to Organize Your Closet Arrange your clothing and accessories to make it easier to find what you want and get dressed each day. To help you bring order to your closet, we’ll divide your things into three categories: stuff you reach for every day, your current-season wardrobe and less frequently worn items. Dedicate […]

Surprising Bedroom Storage Ideas

Surprising Bedroom Storage Ideas Utilize the space around the head of your bed for storage is necessary for everyone. So configure shelves and cabinets to suit your storage needs become very important. Firstly, you should see how the bedroom packs in easy storage solutions you’ll want for your own space.   Jewelry Storage Update your […]



How to Clean and Maintain Wardrobe

How to Clean and Maintain Wardrobe Integral wardrobe is popular because of its elegant appearance and relatively long service life. Of course, The service life can’t be separated from the quality of itself. But daily maintenance and cleaning is also very important. Here are some cleaning and maintenance methods about different parts of integral wardrobe. […]

How to Decorate Kids’ Room

How to Decorate Kids’ Room Children’s room is the child’s bedroom, living room and game space. It should be added some ingredients that can help children observe, think and play games. Most parents will agree that providing their children with a wonderful living space in which they can thrive, learn and play is of paramount […]



How to Distinguish Primitive, Rustic and Country Style

How to Distinguish Primitive, Rustic and Country Style If you’ve spent any time on the decorating scene, then you’ve probably heard the three terms “primitive,” “rustic” and “country,” and more likely than not, you’ve heard them used interchangeably. While the three words DO have considerable overlap in meaning, they are not exactly the same. Here’s […]