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Skills for wardrobe storage

Skills for wardrobe storage As we all know, the first impression counts. For this reason, the wardrobe in the entrance area should be functional and friendly. But where can we put all of the bits and pieces that look for an abode when we arrive and have to accompany us next time we leave? The […]


7 Wooden Wardrobe Designs

7 Wooden Wardrobe Designs Wood is a popular choice for many aspiring designers when it comes to designing a room. It is used in different furniture and even for decors. From ancient times to present, wood has been one of the most common material for building and for other handicraft work. That is why carpentry […]


Lounge up your living room

Lounge up your living room There’s just something irresistible about hotel lounges. What if you take the hotel out of the picture – and just bring that feeling home with you? 1. Group your furniture to open up the room Placing furniture together has a way of creating islands of comfort. Instead of leaving pieces […]