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Acrylic-as bright as crystal

Acrylic-as bright as crystal More than one hundred years, acrylic has been researched and developed. Acrylic is a general chemical product of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), including monomers, plates, pellets, resins, and composites. Generally speaking, Acrylic is also a kind of organic glasses through special processes. It is also known as ” plastic queen”, because varieties of […]

Kitchen Trends AU 2018

  Kitchen Trends AU 2018 According to 2018 HOUZZ KITCHEN TRENDS STUDY – AUSTRALIA, we got latest consumer preference trends of Australia area in Kitchen industry. Findings are based on 3,465 AU homeowners on Houzz about their recent or planned kitchen renovation projects. What Major Changes They Make in Kitchens? The report shows that over […]

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Lacquer—The fashion leader of kitchen door material

Lacquer—The fashion leader of kitchen door material Lacquer is one of the most popular kitchen door materials nowadays. People around the world show their favour to lacquer because of its brilliant appearance, various moulds, as well as nonstaining characteristic. As a traditional door plank, which basic material is MDF( medium density fiberboard), its surface is […]

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The design of customized wardrobes in 2018

The design of customized wardrobes in 2018 Everything has its original idea, and the design of every commodity has its connotations. Therefore, the development of customized wardrobe has its design concept, and its design concept can be roughly divided into the following three elements. The tight combination of the three elements is presented in front […]

4 Tips to Style a Shaker Kitchen

4 Tips to Style a Shaker Kitchen Discover the perfect shaker kitchen to match your décor personality. Shaker kitchens refer to a classic cabinet style with a raised border framing each door panel, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to traditional styles if you choose this option for your new kitchen. In fact, from the […]


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Make a Great Entrance

  Make a Great Entrance Set the right tone for your house right off the bat by creating an entryway that caters to function but speaks to style. Utility can be nice to look at. If activity is your thing, and your day is about getting to the next thing on time, then just create […]