How to Build a DIY Kitchen Island

How to Build a DIY Kitchen Island

As we know, the kitchen is also the room where everyone seems to congregate, so it is nice for you to have an island where can gather around and eat snacks or serve meals with your friends or your family members. Building an Island might sound a little scale, but it’s not as hard as you might think. It’s very simple, now I am going to tell you the processes, you just to take it one step and follow me.




Step One:
  • Planning your island, because a kitchen island is accessible from all sides, it is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in a variety of ways. When planning its design, therefore, you must first consider how you intend to use it. And then, you can design it as you like.





Step Two:
  • Find a sturdy base such as an old desk, two dressers back to back, or even sturdy wire shelving placed on its side. Make sure the base is just a couple inches shorter than the height you wish your work surface to be. The average height for a work counter is 30-34 inches.



Step Three:

  • Create a top for your island. Depending on what you will be using the prep area for, decide if you need a cutting surface or simply a work area. Cutting surfaces should be made of wood so that it is safety for you to prevent accidents while cutting food. Other surface ideas are metal, laminate and stone. I think they are all available for you to choose. Depending on what material you like best and what kind of style you want your island to be.





Step Four:
  • Attach your top to the base with construction adhesive, or another method that will create an unmovable surface. Cause you want your surface to be secure to prevent accidents while cutting or prepping food. So I think this step is very important cause it concerns with the security problems.



Step Five:

  • Add the final options. Caster wheels can be easily added to create a portable island, which can be pretty useful in a small space. Simple shelving under the top can add much needed storage, and hooks and towel racks placed along the back side can hang kitchen necessities. If you like, create a pot rack to hang above your island. A standalone island can bring new life to your kitchen. Adding storage space, additional counter space for food prep and clean-up, and a new space for informal dining, it can be a versatile, functional, and beautiful addition to your home.




There are the five basic steps! You can obviously alter these simple instructions to match your materials and situation. Try one of these inspirational ideas for an unique and a creative DIY kitchen island! Have an inspirational idea for a kitchen island? What is it?


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