Big in Details

Big in Details


Combine with human operation and the ergonomics of home, OPPEIN customizes the most humanized product for the user and always insists the aim of providing better service and product. As a reliable and responsible company, OPPEIN do the best, even in small details, which provides you a more comfortable and suitable life.

Suspenstion Bracket




Suspenstion Bracket
—strong and safe
Purpose: to hang wall cabinet
1) 50KG load bearing capacity/pc
2) ABS material, 20 years of durable use




Anti-warp Rod



Anti-warp Rod (OPPEIN patented)
—steady and safe
Purpose: reinforce extra wide wall cabinet
1) Used when wall cabinet width≥900mm
2) Improve the bearing capacity of wall cabinets
3) Electroplated surface rustproof and durable




Edge Bands




Edge Bands
— top edges materials, German imported equipment, leading edge technology
Purpose: hide the exposed edges, add its aesthetics, and protect wood chips
1) Edge band material type: PVC, ABS, Acrylic
2) Germany Jowat hot-melt Eco-friendly adhesives
3) The best edge band in the world, fashionable and durable
4) 1.5mm thick band for visible edges, 0.6mm thick for invisible edges




Stove Cabinet Vent



Stove Cabinet Vent
— (Oppein only) humanized design, ensure the use of safety
purpose: ensure the air flow
1) Corrosion resistant
2) Ensure ventilation and avoid possible gas residue danger







(Dustproof Corner Insert, Idle Hole Insert, Plastic Buffer Insert)
purpose: protect the products
Dustproof Corner Insert: Avoid corner dust and easy to keep cabinet interior clean
Idle Hole Insert: Eco-friendly, add aesthetics and avoid moisture
Plastic Buffer Insert: provide buffer when closing doors, and enable silent operation