Basic Wood Materials

Basic Wood Materials

Basic wood material is the minimum unit of all cabinets. Therefore, good basic wood material directly decides the quality and service life of the cabinets. In OPPEIN, only high quality materials are provided.


Comparison of the Basic Wood Materials
Type Component Characteristic Application Picture
Particle Board

Wood chips and suitable binders.

1)Eco friendly;
2) Reasonable cost;
3) Slick, smooth & flat;
4)Scratch proof & moisture proof;
5)Good screw holding capacity & load bearing capacity.

Side panel;
Top panel;
Bottom panel;
Shelf and hinged doors.


Separated fibers.

1)Hard & durable;
2)Easy to paint or shape;
3)No abruption, distortion.

Carcass panel;
Door core board;
Lattice shelf panel;
Wine rack partition panel;
Lacquer and PVC door panel.

Plywood Several layers from sheets of veneer or plies.

1) Eco friendly;
2) Light weight and beautiful texture;
3)Moisture proof, heat proof & abrasion proof;
4)Good load bearing capacity & screw holding ability.

Door panel;
Back panel;
Lattice side panel.