American house designs


The United States is a country which highly advocates freedom in their minds. The carefree living style brings a recreational romance to American furniture culture. Influenced by the migration culture, the America style furniture retains Europe’s luxury and elegance, and combines with natives’ belief of freedom.


Recently, the full house design images of American President’s new house were uploaded to the net. Though appears luxurious, the designs still cannot satisfy the critical and demanding designers of OPPEIN. In this case, a design competition of American style full house solution was held. Here we are going to show you part of the WINNER Mr. Tab’s designs.


01 Living Rooms

White and light color is widely used in modern America style living rooms, in order to create a feeling of warmth and cozy. In Tab’s design, deeper colored book shelf and tea table won’t destroy the overall style, but goeswell with the overall light color.

02 Pet House

The pet has always been human’s most royal friends. Similar as human beings, pets will get tired after whole day’s playing and working. A comfortable bed and a nice bath are needed to help them get a good rest.



03 Kitchen Cabinet

This is the kitchen cabinet with a matte blue island. Shaker door panels is widely used in America style kitchens, but the special handle and color matching make a big difference.

With a big island, this kitchen cabinet is a good place to enjoy your cooking time with the families.

04 Dining Room

This is the dining room with after-meal rest area. The round solid wood dining table is long-lasting and match well with the fabric stools. After meal, the families can move to the rest area to have a small talk to share their happiness or unpleasant things.


05 Bedroom

This is thelatest room design for little girls. It is really a comfortable room with white color beds and bookcase. In the spare time, it is rather comfortable to do reading on the chair near the big window, providingmore natural lights and fresh air.


06 Bathroom

The curved shape bathtub allows the body to safely lie in without being scratched by the edges or corners of the bathtub. Decorated with some ornaments, a large mirror totally meets the needs of the beautiful girls.


More Different Styles You Might Interest in

If the above American style design cannot satisfy you, we have worked out another 4 designing schemes for reference.

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