7 Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

7 Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Are you bursting at the seams in your small bedroom? We’ve got 7 great storage ideas to create an organized oasis in no time.
Storage Solution
  • Use a headboard with shelving or drawer components to store books, clothing and more.



Store More
  • Use your dresser as a nightstand to maximize furniture usage and minimize clutter.
Window Seat
  • Enhance a corner near the window with a window seat for extra seating and storage.



Office Space
  • Add a small desk and chair that can act as an office, vanity and nightstand in one.
Shelve This Project
  • Add shelves for books, knickknacks or some photos.



Mount It
  • Free up valuable space by mounting a TV and other electronics directly to the wall.
Store and Sleep
  • This platform bed eliminates the need for a box spring and adds lots of storage underneath.



Additional Tips

    • Before you start organizing your bedroom, cut the clutter. Place items in three piles: keep, toss and donate.
    • Use under-bed storage containers to stow extra linens or out-of-season clothes.
    • Purchase a nightstand with drawers or shelves that can house books, magazines, chargers, and more.
    • Take advantage of high ceilings in a small bedroom by installing floor-to-ceiling shelving.
    • Create recessed spaces between studs for built-ins that add extra storage without sacrificing floor space.
    • Add some corner shelving. It takes up slightly less space than traditional wall shelving.
    • Transform an old bookcase into a small wardrobe. Add café curtains threaded on a tension rod to conceal certain items while showing off others.